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Nightstop Host

Wyre Forest and South Worcestershire Nightstop and Mediation Service



County Wide - Excluding Redditch and Bromsgrove

Time Commitment

Contact Details


Alice Thompson

01562 743111

About the Role

Service description

Nightstop prevents homelessness through community hosting. It helps people who are in immediate housing crisis by providing safe accommodation in the homes of vetted volunteers called ‘hosts’.

The accommodation is provided one night initially, except on weekends, but is reviewed on a night-by-night basis. Whilst the guest is staying with the host longer term appropriate accommodation is sought.

Main Tasks

· To provide clean, safe, basic overnight accommodation to the guest.

· To provide an evening meal and breakfast for the guest using the accommodation.

· To liaise with the Nightstop service team regarding their availability and to provide regular feedback after every placement.

Support and supervision:

· There will be periodic volunteer support groups for Nightstop hosts that provide peer support and informal training opportunities.

· All hosts will be provided with telephone support and debriefing after every placement.

· There will be regular home visits from service staff.

· A 24hr on call system is in operation to allow access to advice and guidance for hosts.

Skills and Qualifications

Necessary skills, attitudes and knowledge:

· A basic understanding of the issues young people face.

· An ability to relate to people on a one to one, non-judgmental basis.

· A desire to work with disadvantaged people.

· A spare room available for use by a person referred by the scheme at short notice.

A willingness to participate in training and be involved in consultation regarding the role.

About the Organisation

Wyre Forest and South Worcestershire Nightstop and   Mediation Service is part of Nightstop UK - a network of 33 accredited   Nightstop throughout the UK - each providing safe, emergency accommodation in   volunteers' homes for homeless young people aged 16-25. The first Nightstop   opened in Leeds in 1987.

The Nightstop network is led by DePaul UK which is responsible for the   strategy, quality and development of Nightstop around the country. To ensure   that the Nightstop network delivers a safe, high quality service to young   people and volunteers, DePaul UK quality assesses each service every two   years and provides ongoing support and development.

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