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Minibus Trips

Each month we plan trips in our minibus, for members of the community to book a place and explore somewhere new.

We go to a range of different places including shops, cafes, restaurants, farms, and museums.


Details of our upcoming trips can be found on our Facebook Page, give us a call on 01905 779778 or sign up to our mailing list below. 

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Tewkesbury trip 2.jpg

Our passengers and driver David heading off on a trip to Tewkesbury, March 2024

What do people say about our Minibus Trips?

"It gives me the incentive to visit places I wouldn’t go to on my own"

"Very enjoyable day at the Food Market"

"Very nice, enjoyed it very much, would like to go again!"

It’s something to look forward to instead of sitting at home

5 star

Very smooth driving by Adrian

The minibus trips keep me active and stop me becoming housebound and lonely

"I enjoyed it very much, the driver is approachable and kind"

"I liked having a pleasant lunch and visiting a place we could not get to on public transport"

"The driver looked after us all very courteously"

Hire our minibus

We offer hire of our minibus, so if you'd like to know more please get in touch! Our team are happy to talk through our prices and the conditions of hire.

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