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We value Community, Collaboration and Connections

About Us

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Who are Droitwich CVS? 

We are part of a national network for Councils of Voluntary Services. We work locally to support, promote and develop local voluntary action. Droitwich CVS was Established in 1985 and has worked closely with the community ever since.

We aim to:

  • Encourage a vibrant, strong and caring community.

  • We partner with voluntary organisations, community groups, local and central government.

  • We provide opportunities for connections by managing 3 community spaces, available to hire for activities, meetings and clubs.

  • We run a Community Transport scheme, which is crucial to help the community stay connected and maintain we prioritise independence in our community.

  • We also act as a signposting service to those who need help accessing information or solutions to problems and hardships they may be facing.

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Our Values


Supporting positive change through innovation and social action. We ensure that the diverse nature of the voluntary and community sector is recognised, valued, and celebrated.



Developing, leading, and supporting effective person-centred collaborative approaches across the public, private and third sectors.



Connecting individuals and organisations to work together to improve people’s lives. Empowering everyone to get involved in creating a vibrant and resilient community

Meet The Team

The Old Library Centre

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Tonia Enderbury BEM
Chief Executive

After spending 20 years in the corporate world of Finance I vowed that my next role would be for an organisation where I could make a difference. 13 years later I am in the fortunate position of running this charity that makes a huge difference to a lot of people in Droitwich. 

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Sarah Britton

Transport Coordinator

Charly is keen on supporting the youth and has experience of working with youth services in previous roles.

"I look forward to assisting in creating a vibrant hub for the community."

Donna Child
Finance and Admin

With over 30 years business management experience my role is to manage the budgets and accounts for the various project DCVS run in Droitwich. I enjoy talking to people and being part of making a difference which is important to me as I too live in Droitwich.

Lucy Bird
Community Builder

I’m Lucy and I am delighted to be serving as a Community Builder in and around Droitwich. I am here to help bring people together who feel passionate about doing something in their community.

To be working out in the community and all the villages is a joy.

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Charly McCall
Project Coordinator

Moving Forward

Charly is keen on supporting the youth and has experience of working with youth services in previous roles.

"I look forward to assisting in creating a vibrant hub for the community."

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Nikki Beeston
Project Manager

Moving Forward

Nikki has several years experience working with local community projects.


"I am very  excited about the Moving Forward Project and look forward to working with the Westlands Community."

Board of Trustees

Droitwich CVS are guided by our trustees who are responsible for the overall strategy and direction of the organisation. With a wide range of skills, they are supporters of our charity mission!


I am the current Chair of DCVS trustees. My interest in community matters dates back to the time I ran Droitwich Youth Club. I taught at Droitwich High School for many years and during that time met many Droitwich families and in one of my roles endeavoured to support and signpost students to the many opportunities open to them in the town.

I became a DCVS trustee in 2015 through my interest in education. I have developed an understanding of the many aspects of volunteering in the community and am especially proud of the work of the DCVS staff who rose to the challenge of making sure Droitwich had an organisation that took the lead role in help and support for residents during the Covid pandemic.


Lynda Gillespie

Having run a highly successful Garden Centre Company for in excess of 30 years I have a proven track record in business management.

I am dedicated and passionate about our local community and feel a responsibility to help preserve, build, and develop the amazing charities and attractions we have in Droitwich and surrounding areas. 

Sarah Beauchamp

Philip Richardson

I have been involved with DCVS for a number of years in various roles, and am now a volunteer

driver, I have had many years experience in mechanical engineering and Power Generation, both in the field and service management. I believe that the voluntary sector is very important, probably more so than ever, and an invaluable service to our community and should be well supported and managed. Therefore I am pleased to be of service as a Trustee.

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