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Community Project Support Volunteer


CORE Men’s Community Network (Worcester Community Trust)


Time Commitment

Contact Details

Droitwich Area / Worcestershire Area (Optional)



07442 337408

About the Role

Volunteers will work together with a CORE project worker to facilitate regular groups and workshops such as coffee groups, wellbeing sessions, gardening groups, board game sessions etc. This is to provide spaces for local men and male identifying individuals to get together, reduce isolation, and have a space for support. Groups will run weekly or biweekly, and generally last between 2-4 hours.

Some tasks might include: Meeting and greeting clients, making drinks, setting up/tidying away of tables and equipment, monitoring the group if the project worker needs to step away for a one to one, making note of any safeguarding concerns (eg. Clients at risk)

There is the option to support with one local group in Droitwich, or if preferred, travel around Worcestershire to support with a variety of regular groups. Due to lone working policies, communication with project workers will be essential to ensure cover in the case of volunteer absence.

Volunteers are welcome to support with the organisation and administrative elements of the project if they would like to, and appropriate training will be provided. However, this is not an essential part of the role.

During enrolment, all volunteers will have a DBS check completed by Worcester Community Trust, receive one week of training, and have expenses covered for travel and smaller purchases agreed with project workers and leads.

Although this is a flexible role, once groups are established, they will run on set days at set locations. It will be best to provide project workers with availability and locality info in order to better organise regular groups.

Skills and Qualifications

People skills/Customer service – Essential

Timekeeping – Essential

Reliability – Essential

Communication – Essential

Basic Catering (making teas, coffees, sandwiches etc) – Essential

Awareness of Health & Safety, Safeguarding, Food Hygiene - Desirable

Admin Skills – Desirable

Driving license and access to vehicle – Desirable

About the Organisation

CORE is a wellbeing project for men and male identifying individuals operating across Worcestershire. Its main aims are to find and create opportunities for men to engage, learn and connect with others, but it also aims to provide information, advice and guidance on a range of topics including wellbeing, hobbies, learning etc.

The project is intended to reduce the demand on local health and mental health services by offering opportunities for individuals to connect, reduce loneliness and isolation, increase confidence, learn new skills, get support with anxiety and mental health and to potentially volunteer. Although there will be less of an obvious focus on wellbeing, this can be offered to clients in the form of one to one support, guest speakers, moodmasters wellbeing classes, or appropriate signposting to professional services.

CORE collaborates with local organizations to direct men to existing groups, workshops, and advice centres. Simultaneously, it will establish ongoing support and organize regular activities within the project to fill gaps in local provision. CORE will be creating its own groups and workshops, actively engaging volunteers or collaborating with staff from other settings/organizations.

Clients are welcome to regularly and actively engage with CORE to explore new activities, have access to information and advice, or receive guidance to potentially create new groups of their own. This communication ideally goes both ways, with CORE providing information about new groups and workshops linked to client’s interests as they arise.

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